Workplace Training Strategies offers nationally accredited training with access to Victorian Government, Queensland Government and Commonwealth Government funding.

Annual Reporting Periods

With regards to Annual reporting period 1 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2017, we received a 73.46% Learner Engagement Questionnaire (LQ) response rate and a 80.39% Employer Satisfaction Questionnaire (EQ) response rate. WTS had a total of 490 Active learners, 261 student completions (193 of these learners commenced /continued from 2016), 118 continuing, 268 cancellations, 160 learners scheduled to complete their program in 2018. The 2016 response rates were LQ - 70% and EQ - 68%. This means we have had a better response rate and a much effective performance compared to 2016.

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