Workplace Training Strategies offers nationally accredited training with access to Victorian Government, Queensland Government and Commonwealth Government funding.

Annual Reporting Periods

As indicated in 2021, VETStat Student Satisfaction Survey and Employment Satisfaction and Skills Survey:   


The below results outline performance on the Key Performance Measures across student experience, student outcomes, and benefits to employers. Which are all above the state average.  


Student Experience  

91.8% of VET students are satisfied with training provided by WTS, 96.5% of VET students are satisfied with assessment, 90.1% of VET students are satisfied with teaching


Student Outcomes  

84.5 % proportion of VET students achieved their main reason for training, 58.5 % VET students improved employment status after training, 47.5 % VET students report doing a better job after training, 35.1 % unemployed before training achieved employment status, 81.0 % would recommend WTS as a training provider. 


Transition to Online Learning 

40.6 % VET students transitioned to online learning, 81.3 % VET students received support from WTS to transition, 100 % VET students satisfied with support from WTS, 44.5 % VET students faced at least 1 challenge with online learning.


Benefits to Employer

68.9 % VET students developed problem-solving skills for the workplace, 48.0 % VET students improved writing and numeracy skills in the workplace 


The survey shows conclusively that WTS is above average to VET providers Australia and other private training providers Australia. The matrix indicates that the blended learning method of tuition online enhanced by workplace visits for some of the programs creates a dynamic learning environment for students. 

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