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Enrolment Process

1Find Out: Your Eligibility for Traineeship/Apprenticeship
To be eligible for a traineeship/apprenticeship, you must: 1) Be employed full time/part time with an employer organisation. 2) Sign a Training Agreement with your employer and an Australian Apprenticeship Centre If you do not have a signed Training Contract Agreement, contact WTS to help sign you up. 3) Be a Permanent resident/citizen of Australia or New Zealander residing in Australia for more than 6 months.
2Pre-Training Review
Once we have received your Training Contract Registration from EPSILON (VIC) or DETCONNECT (QLD), you will be contacted by our administrative staff to discuss the sign up and commencement of your training. These details will be sent to you in a follow up email with instructions. Our Pre-Training Review consists of two parts to determine the most suitable and appropriate course and training for you. The two elements you are required to complete is: 1) Enrolment Form 2) Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment
3Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment
We assess your literacy, language and numeracy skills against the Australian Core Skills Framework (AQF) to: 1) Determine whether the course for which you are applying is suitable and appropriate for you. 2) Plan any learning support that you may require to complete your course successfully. You will be emailed your login to our Student Portal to access the LLN Assessment. It is recommended that you complete this assessment on a computer, laptop or tablet. The test must be completed without assistance with honesty and integrity. Once you have completed the test, your results will be accessible on your student portal and recommended support detailed in your training plan. The results will be provided to you and may also be provided to the government.
4Enrolment Form
You will be required to complete an Enrolment Form that will be sent to your email. You will be required to attach your proof of citizen status (e.g. Medicare Card/Birth Certificate/Passport) and/or your proof of age if applicable (e.g. Drivers' Licence/Key Pass/ Proof of Age). You may also book in for Enrolment Support for additional assistance. Our Enrolment Form is an integral part of our Pre-Training Review as you will be asked to determine your current competencies and your training and assessment needs.
5Training Plan and Commencement
Once you have been enrolled, and your paperwork has been processed by the WTS administrative team. You and your employer will receive a copy of the signed Training Plan and Training Calendar detailing the units of competencies you must achieve, your obligations for Structured Withdrawal Activities and the duration of your studies.
6Withdrawal Time for Structured Training Activities
Structured Training Activities are activities that trainees/apprentices must do to gain the knowledge, skills and experience to achieve competency in a unit. The employer must ensure that you are allowed 'Withdrawal Time' from routine work duties to undertake 'Structured Training Activities' that relate to the qualification. This time will include training sessions and time to undertake homework activities. The Authorised Supervisor/Industry Expert will be required to confirm each month that you have met the monthly requirements as follows: Full Time: a minimum of three hours per week, averaged over a four-week cycle (i.e. 16 hours monthly) Part Time: pro-rata of the above (i.e. 8 hours monthly)

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