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WTS Trainers

T he team at WTS is composed of qualified trainers and leaders in a variety of industries. Our team members are real employers, have management experience and understand all facets of training that meet current industry requirements .

All WTS trainers have exceptional people skills and outstanding product knowledge.

With over 20 years of experience, our highly motivated trainers and facilitators will not only teach your staff excellent customer service but will provide industry  currency, skills, and knowledge. Our pastry training course / bread baker training course is delivered by trainers who used to be apprentice bakers themselves, so they understand the demands of learning while you work. 

Our industry experienced trainers will provide your team with all up to date industry information and results-driven training catered to your organisation and team members. We offer accredited training from Certificate to Diploma in the areas of Business, Hospitality, Retail and Food Processing/ Retail Baking.

WTS Offers:

  • Qualified and skilled trainers and leaders in a variety of industries
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Teach your team members excellent customer service
  • Results driven training catered to your organisation and trainee's
  • No need to leave your workplace we come to you
  • Hands-on learning and training techniques
  • Gain knowledge and put it to practice
  • Nationally accredited training from Certificate to Diploma

Focus on Knowledge & Support

What makes our training program
stand out is how we teach and what you
learn. Our programs give you flexibility to
study whilst remaining in your workplace
connected with your staff and peers. You
will be able to take advantage of the best
knowledge and learning in order to achieve
your goals. At Workplace Training
Strategies you will gain knowledge and put
it to practice

Face-to-face and online learning

No need to leave your workplace, you can study online and attend training via individual or group Zoom sessions. Some of our courses are 100% online. Courses that require hands-on training, have a blended model applied. This will mean that 60% of the course will be online and 40% delivered face-to-face in the workplace.  At WTS we believe that to understand your business needs we need to be in your environment. Our  hands-on learning and training techniques will be tailored to your business at your venue.

Josh Baramilis

Senior Trainer/Assessor - Baking, Retail, Hospitality, Business

Paul Bunkum

Trainer/Assessor - Bread Baking, Retail, Retail Management

Mason McCann

Trainer/Assessor - Bread Baking, Baking

Brooke Thornhill

Trainer/Assessor - Bread Baking, Baking, Cake and Pastry

Claire Wilson

Trainer/Assessor - Retail, Retail Management, Hospitality

Melissa Lechte

Trainer/Assessor - Business

John Evans

Trainer/Assessor - Bread Baking

Cameron Pritchard

Trainer/Assessor - Bread Baking

Belinda Cadd

Belinda Cadd
Trainer/Assessor - Retail, Retail Management

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