Student Testimonials

Zac Mansfield

"W When I first came to the course, I was nervous and shaking, I basically didn’t want to come. I forced myself as I knew I had to make changes for myself and as soon as I walked in, I noticed everybody was so welcoming.

It still took me time to settle in but knowing everybody was so understanding I soon felt like I fit in straight away. I always think if it wasn’t for this course, I don’t think I would be around today. All trainers and mentors made me feel more confident in myself which helped me get out of bed everyday to attend the course.

Eventually I felt no nerves whatsoever at the course and enjoyed my time there learning about food processing and baking all sorts of things.

Tursa got back in contact with me and told me Workplace Training Strategies had a internship available at the 6729 Bakery if I was interested.

“When I finished the course I felt myself slipping back to where I was before I started. But the confidence and motivation I got from the course saw me start personally handing out my resume to various employers.”

I took the opportunity to go back and help students that were in my position when I first arrived there.

Helping people isn’t just for their benefit it actually helps me too, it makes me feel better about myself, It makes me feel like I have made someone’s life a bit better.

To be honest I still fight myself to get up as I have for a long time the difference now is that I win the fight and always turn up to my job, because I love it. It makes me so happy that I am doing something that matters."

Zac Mansfield - 6729 Bakery intern

Apprentice Testimonials


Damien from Bakers Delight, Carnegie feedback workshop one of FBPRBK3005. "It was good, it worked well. The best part was definitely all the hands-on work It’s really good to see what skill level other people are at, that kind of thing. Evan was awesome! He puts in all the extra work. He makes sure everyone has an understanding. It was great."


Laughlan – Bakers Delight, Hawthorn. About the workshop? "I really enjoyed making baps and the scones were my favourite part (because) they were very aesthetically pleasing. Evan’s a good trainer, gives feedback so you know what you’re doing. He’s patient and knows how to teach. He’s a good baker. He’s everything that you want in a teacher."


Joel from Bakers Delight, Brighton attended workshop one of FBPRBK3005. Joel shared feedback about the workshop - "Best bit about the workshop was working with new people as well as actually getting practical things done with Evan and not just the theory the whole time. Evan’s actually great. He’s very funny and easy to get along with"


Jonathan Bakers Delight, Pinewood. "It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot that I’m not learning in my bakery because the trainer is very knowledgeable." Best bit about the workshop - "The plaited loaves were my favourite product. Haven’t done them before. They were a lot of fun to do, we could potentially do them in the future at the shop."

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