Food Handler

Short Course (Level 1)

Course Fee $65

This nationally accredited certificate consists of one unit: 
  • SITXFSA005 - Use hygienic practices for food safety

This nationally accredited food handling course, SITXFSA005 - Use hygienic practices for food safety, is your first introduction to the basics of food safety. 

The accredited Food Handling short course (Nationally accredited SITSS00068 - Food Handling Skill Set) equips candidates with fundamental knowledge in hygienic practices for food safety. 

This course is essential for individuals working on premises that prepare, serve and sell food, ensuring they understand the significance of safe food handling practices and their responsibilities in food establishments. 


Key Topics:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Safe food handling
  • Preventing food contamination
  • Preventing cross contamination
  • Housekeeping
  • Waste disposal
  • How to identify food safety hazards

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Course Information

Course Overview
Everyone who works with food has a responsibility to ensure that the food they prepare or sell is safe to eat. This course meets that requirements.

You will receive a statement of attainment that is nationally accredited and is a pre-requisite for our food safety supervisor course.

  1. Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards.
  2. Report any personal health issues.
  3. Prevent food contamination.
  4. Prevent cross-contamination by washing hands.
Course Duration
As soon as you have enrolled, you will have access to the WST online student portal and you will be able to begin your course.

The course should take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete. It is possible to complete the course in one day, but you will have 3 months to complete the course.

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Training and Assessment
The course consists of 4 parts.

1) You will complete an interactive Course Book that includes some short quizzes to test your knowledge. You will have access to up-to-date industry knowledge, presentation notes, powerpoints, resources and templates.

2) You will have access to an Observer's Report which requires finding a qualified observer/supervisor to confirm that you meet the requirements to pass this course. This evidence will be thoroughly examined as part of the your assessment process. By filling out the form, your nominated Observer/Supervisor will contribute to our understanding of the practical tasks you have executed.

When choosing and observer/supervisor to complete the report, please ensure they meet the following criteria to ensure they are a suitably qualified and experienced person:

Your supervisor must:

- Be currently in a role aligned with the course undertaken by you.

- Possess a minimum of 12 months of industry experience or its part-time equivalent.

- Have observed you executing tasks on multiple occasions and in accordance with the industry standards.

- Be confident that you have been adequately informed to carry out their work safely.

- Understand their role in the process, including the timing and methodology for collecting the necessary evidence.

For Observer's Report see:

3) You will then complete short series of Commencement Questions to ensure you are knowledgeable in the aspects delivered in the Course Book.

4) Lastly, solidify your knowledge through completion of a Workbook that will ask you to demonstrate your competency by answering various questions, uploading videos.

All evidence may be further assessed by our qualified trainers/assessors and you may be contacted if deemed insufficient.
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Payment through our portal at the end of the enrolment form of Enrolment Fee $75.

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