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WTS Food Academy

WTS in partnership Active Opportunities, a Not-for-profit organisation that has access to Skilling Queenslanders for work initiative to deliver training and assessment to people with a barrier to employment and gain a nationally accredited qualification..

Our Food Academy is a dynamic, interactive and engaging program where students are given the opportunity to train in a live bakery, learn valuable life skills to overcome barriers to employment and gain a nationally accredited qualification.

WTS Food Academy delivers industry-leading training to give you the best hands - on job ready skills you need to provide the best outcomes possible. Explore our range of courses by clicking the link and discover where Active Opportunities can take you. Read more about Active Opportunities here

WTS Offers:

  • Industry Tours
  • Lunches & Coffee’s
  • Uniforms
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Resumes
  • Employability Training
  • Graduation & Party

WTS Food Academy Good News Stories

Click on the 'Read Student Stories' link below to read the full story of students who have completed the course. Please subscribe to get more stories sent to your email address

  • "It’s not just about training and employment. It’s also about life changing experiences. I realised it gives me such satisfaction, it makes me feel worthy and proud of what I’m doing. They say we all have a purpose in life, and I think I have found mine… To help others in need."

    Read Carolyn's Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • "Lachlan says that he couldn’t believe it, he always wanted a job, but wasn’t sure he would ever get one. He says he has such a sense of pride, and notes how much it means to him seeing his parents so proud and happy for what he has achieved."

    Read Lachlan's Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • "I am really happy right now because I have a chance to work again. For the last 3 years I had been miserable, and had no direction. Thank you, Sammy and Josh, and Brett, who helped me, and her friend Maitreya from Morton College, they gave me the opportunity to do the apprenticeship. I thank you all for giving me a chance and helping me to move on with my life."

    Read Winnie's Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • Thomas started the course, and this is where we started seeing changes. He started trusting the trainers and mentors and was starting to converse more and more with every hour. This gave so much confidence to Thomas and it showed in his classes. He began really taking pride in what he was producing and extremely excited to take home what he made for his family. His turnaround has been remarkable!
    Read Thomas' Story
    Queensland Academy Student
  • "Thank you for caring about me, and letting me bear witness to the wonderful change you make to people when you're a part of this course. Learning at 6729 Bakery turned out to be a fabulous environment. Your staff were passionate about what they were teaching and demonstrated a calm, pleasant and enjoyable approach."

    Read Glenda's Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • "I have been out of work for 2 years and thought I would never get a job. Everyone at 6729 Bakery never gave up on me and I am now super excited that I have a job... I will be telling everyone about this course and I will never forget what they did for me so thank you."

    Read Nathan's Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • "I love the academy, anyone would be lucky to come to the academy. I have built my confidence, I can interact with different personalities and I feel more confident to make my own choices in life and confident to say NO to peer group pressure. When I started at the academy my confidence on a scale of 1 - 10 was a 3 now working with Paul (my mentor), I feel I am a 7 and I’m building on that every day. "
    Read Blade's Story
    Blade - Academy student and job placement at 6729 Bakery
  • "This course has not only taught me that I actually do like cooking and baking but also working with others and even how to approach people and not be scared of what they might think of me. It has taught me how to work within teams and step up and be a team leader as well. This course has given me a lot more confidence and will help me when I go for an interview knowing what I have learnt about myself. I have really enjoyed the course and made new friends."
    Read Beau's Story
    Queensland Academy Student
  • "Everyone here is so nice and welcoming to talk to, everyone asks whether they can help me or if I need anything. I have made friends and we all support each other. My favorite thing to make was shortbread - I had never done that before".  Lisa has the kindest soul and the biggest determination. What she has over come and what she fights to do every day is simply amazing. We are also excited to say that Lisa has a job interview next week... and she will get the job so watch this space.
    Read Lisa's Story
    Queensland Academy Student
  • "Overall my experience at WTS has been an amazing and I recommend this course to anyone. I have become a better cook and overall a better person. I never thought Id have the confidence to do this but I really found myself in my element."
    Read Steele's Story
    Twin Rivers Trainee
  • "Kurtis has said he wants to stop mucking about, and that he really needs to pull his finger out and get a job. I told him that I really wanted him to take ownership in the kitchen and lead by example. Yesterday he was rolling vegemite scrolls like a mad man! He was covered from head to toe in flour, but he wanted to put in the effort and has really shown some fantastic changes."

    Read Kurtis' Story
    Queensland Academy student
  • "The drive Gabby has shown is amazing, and a complete transformation. Gabby powered through her theory and applied herself in the practical component. Gabby performed very strongly in the interview at a new Ice Cream shop in Broadbeach and secured the position. The outcome of this journey was great but the best part was the determination shown, it is nothing short of admirable!"
    Read Gabby's Story
    Queensland Academy Student
  • "My experience of the entire FDF20111 Cert II in Food Processing course at 6729 Bakery with WTS has been FANTASTIC! I enjoyed hearing the real life stories from the trainers experiences. I am proud of myself for being able to get a job. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and everyone."
    Read Saxon's Story
    Queensland Academy Student

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