Cert III in Hospitality Traineeship

Develop quality hospitality skills that the industry needs

This dynamic program recognises and acts upon the need for hospitality employees to maintain currency and an exceptional level of service. WTS provides tailored training to facilitate these outcomes for hospitality employees currently engaged in food and beverage service, customer service and bar operations. The program will equip trainees with a broad range of operation skills and knowledge and importantly allow all participants to brainstorm strategies to improve customer service and strive for excellence. This qualification provides a pathway to work in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs etc.


  • Set goals and targets to increase sales through our proven CAR model
  • The ability to train continuously and to refresh your team’s knowledge in the art of hospitality theatre
  • Your team will brain storm the expectations of your customers
  • Improve margins through increased productivity
  • Ability to have continual input into the training program
  • Receive detailed feedback after each session

Focus on Knowledge & Support

What will make your training program stand out is how we teach and what you learn. Our programs give you flexibility to study whilst remaining in your workplace connected with your staff and peers. You will be able to take advantage of the best knowledge and learning in order to achieve your goals. At Workplace Training Strategies you will gain knowledge and put it to practice

We Come To You

No need to leave your workplace we will come to you. At WTS we believe that to understand your business needs we need to be in your environment. Our hands-on learning and training techniques will be tailored to your business at your venue. Unlike many other RTO’s we develop each training course to suit your specific needs.

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