Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Michael McCarthy

O ur industry has a diverse group of participants from large commercial businesses to smaller Artisan Bakers. The scope of knowledge, technique and processes is, as a consequence, very large.

Michael uniquely has the interpersonal and professional skills, business acumen and approach to produce great results.

Michael works with the business and the apprentices to bring to fruition the training and development of the program.

It’s often too easy to revert to box checking and superficial training to graduate, however, Michael has worked with our business to ensure the candidates are rotated through each functional skill area appropriately. I have enjoyed working with him personally.

“Michael uniquely has the interpersonal and professional skills, business acumen and approach to produce great results”

Burleigh Baker is a somewhat different business where we build our products around nutrition and creativity. We focus on Artisan Skills as opposed to rote process or button pushing.

For example, the standard deviation on the flour specification from our small organic mill is very large, as opposed to a normalised specification supplied from a large modern flour mill. Every dough we make can vary as a consequence. This requires a level of feel and touch out of the norm.

I would endeavour to ensure Michael remains involved over the long haul with our business.

Geoff Dance - Burleigh Baker

Phil Rozen

"F irstly id like to start by saying, its been a real pleasure working with you again. Every time we have worked with you past and present, you have listened to our requirements and the outcomes we want to achieve over the course duration. With all of this in mind you were able to tailor the curriculum to our business’s needs.

As an experienced small business owner yourself, I feel that your knowledge and ability to implement real life scenarios into practical solutions and strategies has contributed to the success of our staffs leadership skills and overall understanding for our ongoing future business goals.

You were able to give me perspective and guidance as a business owner with the first training we undertook with you in 2015. You challenged me to do more ground work by setting up new and improved systems, reviewing our recruiting style and customer service training."

“Thank you Phil for being part of our workplace training and imparting valuable first hand knowledge into our business”

Robyn Falvo Director of Jump Crazy

"Georgia and I were lucky enough to be trained by Phil. We always looked forward to our monthly sessions, which Phil made engaging, interesting and applicable to the workplace. Phil was always so positive and happy to share his hospitality experience with us. We are truly grateful!"

Hannah Student, Soy Restaurant

"WTS have been exceptionally helpful for our staff. The whole process has been streamlined and professional. It’s been great to have a trainer who has done the hard work and gained the firsthand knowledge like Phil has. I would highly recommend W.T.S. for any business looking to further their staff education."

Tim Dalton, Settlers Run

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