About Our Trainers

About Our Trainers

The team at WTS is composed of qualified trainers and leaders in a variety of industries. Our team members have real employer and management experience and understand all facets of training delivery.

All members of the WTS team are trainers themselves; with exceptional people skills and outstanding product knowledge. The team has industry experience and can be placed in any work environment with minimal fuss and disruption to productivity. WTS provides total quality management thanks to a diverse
and highly qualified team of project managers, trainers, management and support staff.

WTS customizes courses to provide clients with greater choice and flexibility. A client selects a program to suits their industry, to support their individual needs and to be delivered at a time and place that complements their requirements.

Nationally recognised training systems combined with a variety of delivery modes provide studentswith more choices and flexibility.


    • Increased productivity
    • Motivated workers
    • Improved quality and services
    • Access to cost effective training solutions
    • Assistance in the form of government incentives and subsidies
    • Flexible training options
    • Access to part time and school-based employees
    • New training opportunities